The 12 Day Salary: The Formula To Generate $1,200 in 12 Days... Then Rinse & Repeat (No Experience Needed)


Join us live to learn about:

  • How to make $1,200 for your first 12 days, $12,000 for your second, and up and up!
  • The buying frenzy strategy that can generate anything from a good side-income to your entire yearly salary in just 12 days
  • The exact 3-Step formula for running your first 12 days
  • Laser-focused newbie strategies to gain leads lightning fast
  • How to easily turn people into stark raving fans begging to purchase your offer
  • Top-secret strategies to target and gain only interested leads ready to buy
  • How to easily and predictably repeat this method, as little or as often as you wish
  • The recipe for snowballing this into bigger and bigger income (2x, 12x, 120x your profits!)
  • And much, much more!

Frankly, it’s a genius business method, you don’t want to miss this!

See you on the workshop!

Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth